It was decided that all children of high school age would be made to participate in compering at SLFS events actively. We have put this program into action from December 2017 at the most important events of the SLFS calendar. Under the guidance of adult trainers who had experience and talent of public speaking, all high school-aged children of the society were invited to train and given the opportunity of demonstrating their talent in compeering in Sinhalese and English at public events. The confidence to get up on stage and speak was further enhanced with the skills instilled in the children at the drama workshop of the holiday programme.

In January 2019, the first Leadership Programme was started with Ruakura Toastmasters Club. RTC provided the sponsorship, guidance and training for the first batch of 20 kids for ten weeks consecutively and presented their skills at the end of the class show held at Reverlea Theatre in Hamilton. Participants had improved their public speaking skills astonishingly and similar programs to be organised in the future.